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13 Calmest Cat Breeds Perfect for a Peaceful Home – Number 5 Will Melt Your Heart

Cats are playful, rambunctious, and just balls of energy that are a great addition to any home. However, an active ball of fur isn’t for everyone— especially cat parent newbies. Many people prefer to find the calmest cat breeds to match their energy.

Often, the calmest cats are also some of the most friendly breeds you can find, so they are great companions too. If you’re looking for a friend that won’t get the zoomies at 3 am, these 13 laid-back feline breeds will make a perfect partner in crime.


1. Maine Coon

maine coon
PC: minervastock/depositphotos

Maine Coons are one the most affectionate cat breeds you can find. They are also one of the biggest cat breeds, as an adult male can weigh around 18 pounds. This means they truly are gentle giants.

Their affectionate nature and calm persona make them the perfect pets for families with young kids. While calm, they are also very playful, making them ideal playmates. They are people-oriented, so don’t be surprised by them accompanying you everywhere at home. 

2. British Shorthair

magone british shorthair
PC: magone/depositphotos

As you can tell from their name, they originate from Great Britain but are thought to be brought over from Rome and Egypt. These chubby round-faced cats come in various colors and patterns, although blue-grey is the most common.

Besides their calm demeanor, they are very easy-going, intelligent, and easy to groom. They make easy companions for first-time owners as they can get along with just about anyone— including dogs.

These calm beauties don’t need much attention and are a great addition to a laid-back owner or family.

3. Ragamuffin

White ragamuffin cat waiting for food
PC: YAYImages/DepositPhotos

Ragamuffins are known for being one of the more affectionate cat breeds. But that doesn’t mean that they are needy. These cats can get along with just about any animal or person and often just want to be around others.

They enjoy playing with the occasional toy, but overall just enjoy lazing about and being near a companion. So, you won’t find them engaging in highly-energy activities like jumping about, running, or going bump in the night.

Instead, they prefer to use their energy for more important things— like being carried around in their owner’s arms.

4. Persian

black persian
PC: kalinovsky/depositphotos

There’s no missing this floof on legs. These breeds are notorious for their flowing coats and “diva” behaviors. And, while a Persian cat’s grooming routine may prevent some new owners from getting one, their calm demeanor and cute round face usually win them back.

They are more content as indoor cats, so you won’t find them chasing around birds too much. This is mainly because of their stocky build that prohibits fast movement but also because they love attention and affection. They are not high-energy at all and make excellent lap cats. You’ll most likely find hoping for a snuggle from you or happily purring in the sun. 

5. Ragdoll

PC: k45025/depositphotos

A few words that describe a Ragdoll cat’s personality are: peaceful, sociable, and affectionate. So, how can you not fall in love with these duo-tone cats?

Ragdolls are great low-maintenance cats who are content with going with your household’s flow. Compared to other breeds, these cats bode well with a new environment and can be left alone at home for a few hours if need be.

But don’t leave them on their own for too long. They are most likely the first ones to greet you once you open the front door. And, while they love the occasional play, they enjoy cuddles and lazing on your lap more. 

6. Scottish Fold

scottish fold
PC: igorvetushko/depositphotos

You can recognize these tubby kittens by their rounded face and short, folded ears (hence the name). They originate from the Tayside region of Scotland and are one of the most expensive cat breeds in the world.

And while they may come with a high price tag, they aren’t that high maintenance. All they need is a good brush at least once a week, a cuddle now and then, and a full belly to keep them satisfied. 

7. Russian Blue

russian blue
PC: oxanes81/depositphotos

These grey kitties are not only calm but also quite shy. That means you won’t have to worry about them being rambunctious throughout the day. (  

While they may be shy, it doesn’t mean they won’t let you know when they need a good snuggle. They are actually very affectionate pets. They strike the perfect balance between loving without being too clingy as they love their space.

These cats are the way to go if your home needs a calm, low-maintenance kitten.

8. Birman

birman lofilolo
PC: Lofiolo/Depositphotos

Birmans have an interesting origin. They originate from Myanmar (Burma) and are also known as the “Sacred Cats of Burma” in some languages. However, after showing up in France in 1920, the breed soon traveled to many homes across the world.

Whatever their origin, it is not difficult to see why they remained a crowd favorite for so many years. They are calm, friendly, affectionate, and low-maintenance cats that get along well with everyone. And, as they grow older, they mellow out even more and are more than happy to just wander around the house purring from lap to lap.

9. Selkirk Rex

lifeonwhite selkirk rex
PC: lifeonwhite/depositphotos

Have you heard of the curly-haired Selkirk Rex yet? It is one of the four only curly-haired cat breeds, which makes this feline a high commodity.

Not only does she have looks, but she also has brains and a personality too. A Selkirk Rex has a social, affectionate character that exudes calmness and warmth to fellow animals, adults, and children. If you are looking for a carefree, loving pet that won’t run amok, you cannot go wrong with this tangle of curls.

10. Burmese

burmese alinute
PC: Alinute/DepositPhotos

It is crucial for a cat’s development to incorporate play, and Burmese cats are a prime example of this. This breed is super playful and highly intelligent. They pick up tricks like fetch fairly easily and are more “dog-like” than other cats on this list.

Typically, playful cats are very active. And while Burmese are pretty active, they are also quite calm and lazy. They would much rather spend their time snuggling, talking, or playing with you than running around. 

11. Korat

korat cat facebook group
PC: korat cat facebook group

The Korat is often dubbed one of the smartest cat breeds, but it should also get recognition for its calm demeanor. Not to be confused with the Russian Blue, the Korat has a slimmer face and lighter grey coat.

These mellow cats love laying in their owner’s lap throughout the day and don’t mind being picked up, either. They are content as long as they can get ample cuddles and are velcroed to your side.

While they are calm and easygoing, they are skittish around strangers and don’t do well being left alone for long periods.

12. Himalayan

PC: RobHainer/Depositphotos

The duality of Himalayan cats makes them an excellent addition to many families. They are playful and social yet aren’t very active. They are calm pets that do well in relaxed environments, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have the occasional bursts of energy.

If you have small children, these cats are elated to play, talk, and cuddle with them— as long as there’s no rowdiness. You can expect these cool cats to get along well with most animals or people, but they like some alone time as well now and then.

They’ll let you know when they’re ready for more attention with a melodious meow.

13. Exotic Shorthair

exotic short hair Wutlufaipy
PC: Wutlufajpy/Depositphotos

You’ll recognize an Exotic Shorthair immediately by their short snouts and big bright eyes. While this may make them look grumpy, they are actually big softies.

They are also very docile with a low prey drive and are kind of couch potatoes. They enjoy spending most of their time relaxing with their owners, kids, and those close to them. These cats are great for busy households as they can be left alone for a few hours without a fuss. As long as they can enjoy being near you most of the time.

And, while it is one of the cat breeds that don’t shed much, they do need a brush once a day. But that’s a small price to pay for this cute, laid-back roommate. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.