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Are Siamese Cats Good Mousers? (2023)

Are you thinking about getting a cat? Specifically, one that’s good at catching mice and simultaneously adorably snuggly? The Siamese breed is exceptionally charming and regal but are Siamese cats good mousers? Apparently the answer is yes.

You may wonder why Siamese cats are so good at exterminating rodents and what exactly makes them good mousers. Keep reading to learn more about this cat, and don’t say we didn’t warn you — you’ll want one after reading this.

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Are All Cats Good Mousers?

Although they are known for their mouse hunting abilities, not all cats are created equally. Some cats are more adept at catching mice and rats than others.

It’s essential to consider the cat’s origin, general demeanor, and behavior before deciding if it’s the right cat to help eliminate the mouse traps. If your cat shows a keen sense of interest in the movements around them, they’re most likely going to be excellent mousers.

The breed of cat should generally be attentive, seemingly observant, and always on high alert when considering their demeanor. These are reasonable indications that your cat would help rid your home of pests.

maine coon cats
Maine Coon Cats

Cats like the Maine Coone, and American Shorthair, among others, are pretty good at catching mice. Thanks to their excellent hunting skills and instincts, the Siamese cat is possibly one of the best. 

Since there are various Siamese types, it’s best to get to know your cat’s personality before expecting them to rid your home of any rodents. Their protective nature and natural intelligence make them all-around good mousers.

Do Siamese Cats Like to Hunt?

In order to fully understand this, you’ll have to know a little more about their history. This breed of cat is said to have come from Thailand. They’ve been around from as early as the the14th century.

According to the royal elite, the siamese cat was highly esteemed. Some said that a person’s soul would be locked inside after death. Which explains why they love being treated like royalty.

Whether this is true or not, they were transported from Thailand to the United States around the late 1870s. People like Lucy Hayes, the first lady to President Rutherford B. Hayes, owned a Siamese and the rest is history.

These cats are known for their intelligence and playful nature. Thus, they were quite curious and would venture out often, staying true to their natural feline instincts. (Phentermine) Hunting mice keep their predatory instincts alive and sharp, but it also reinforces the behavior.

chocolate point siamese cat are siamese cats good mousers

Do Siamese Cats Need to be Trained to Catch Mice?

Cats are natural hunters. You’ll notice this through the games you play with them. Whether you’ve got the best catnip toys or have started using a laser to keep their instincts sharp.

You do not need to train your Siamese to catch mice for you. They will instinctively start chasing, catching, and killing whichever rodents they find within their territory. You can keep their interest with various games and toys, but they will hunt independently if there are rodents in the area.

Like dogs, the Siamese enjoys agility training, playing games of fetch, or even walking on a leash, so your cat can be trained to do other things. Be careful, though, as these are very intelligent creatures. So be sure that you’re consistent with their behaviors and what is expected from them.

chocolate point siamese cats

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While you don’t have to train your cat to catch mice, they are easy to train when it comes to other things. Especially if you need them to do their business outside or play nice with your dogs. It is also a good idea to teach them how to dispose of the mouse. Some cats will resort to killing and eating, while other cats would allow the mouse to run away since they only know how to play.

Let your cat know where to put the mouse and that bringing it inside is probably not the best idea.

Are Male or Female Cats Better Mousers?

While there does seem to be some debate over which cats are better between males and females, the answer is not that easy to acquire. Some people argue that there is no difference. Instead, they warrant any personality changes to whether they’re an only child or if they’ve grown up with other cats.

While the nature vs. nurture debate continues, we can say that male cats are somewhat more friendly. Females may be better at hunting since this is a trait they’ll have to teach their young.

chocolate point siamese cat

What makes a cat a good mouser is definitely dependent on whether or not they’ve been taught how to hunt mice. Their inclination most certainly starts there. Especially since most cats may not understand that they are allowed to kill and eat mice. Some cats may be good at catching them and playing with them, while others have no problem hunting them as prey.

Either way, it can also depend on the type of Siamese cat you’re interested in. Between the Classic, Applehead, Old-Style, and Modern Siamese, you’ve got options to choose from, with the main difference being how big they get. This can be more important than the sex of the cat, especially if you’ve got other pets around. 

Why Do Siamese Cats Catch Mice?

To answer this question, we have to accept that cats are the bullies of the domesticated animal world. They tend to enjoy hunting mice for a couple of reasons.

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The first is that mice cannot really fight back. They are smaller than most cats and don’t have many tools or talents that will help them survive against a cat. They run pretty fast, yes, but most cats have them outsmarted. So unless the cat is just trying to play, they’ll most likely end up killing the mouse using sheer force and cunning wit.

Secondly, mice have been the natural prey to cats for all of their nine lives. Their intrinsic nature tells them to assume mice as prey and will act accordingly without really stopping to question why. How many ethically conscious cats are you aware of?

Is it Okay For Cats To Eat Mice?

Yes and no. While eating mice is one of their natural given rights, thanks to their ancestors, it is also quite disturbing for their domesticated guts. This is a preference best taken by the owner – or the cat itself will tell you what they prefer.

On the plus side, eating a mouse enhances their natural predatory instincts as they have a natural and satisfying end to their overall escapades.

flame point siamese with cross eyes

On the flip side, since they’re no longer out in the wild, their immune systems and digestive tracts are not the same as their ancestors. This could mean that a mere mouse will destroy your cats’ health more than it could ever help her instincts.

Mice and rats alike are quite unsanitary. They play host to a range of diseases. A common mouse can carry anything from salmonella to listeria and even hantavirus, and they can spread these diseases through their excretions. Once you get inside, you may find things like roundworms as well.

If your cat has eaten a mouse and caught one of its diseases, it can start throwing up, experiencing diarrhea, and loss of appetite. So, while their ancestors were accustomed to this kind of diet, they also had the immune system to fight any unwanted diseases. A common house cat does not have that luxury.

It is beneficial then, on behalf of your cat, to ensure that your kitty does not dine on the mice found in their surroundings.

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Should I Stop My Cat From Hunting?

If there are mice in the area, they will hunt. There is no stopping a cat from being its true cat self. It is imperative then that you stop your cat from eating the mice, and you’ll have to train them to dispose of them properly.

Some owners feel that they spend too much time away from their cats and cannot monitor their every meal. If this is the case, you can train your cat not to hunt mice. There are a couple of ways to train your cat:

Things like bells and balls, feathers, faux mice, and spinner toys are great for replacing hunting in their lives. Remember that hunting is an innate desire in most cats and should be treated as such. You cannot ask your cat to stop being a cat, but you can help them fulfill natural instincts through healthy play.

A scratching pole with a bird viewing station is quite a suitable method of distracting your cat. This kind of setup allows your cat to practice their skills without harming too many creatures and straying away from any unwanted diseases.

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When Do Cats Hunt Mice?

In most cases, cats will hunt at night. This is the natural biological clock telling them to hunt. It is also why their eyes have evolved to adapt to that change. Everything about their biology suggests that they’d do better hunting in the nighttime.

If your cat is only indoors at night, they may not need to go out and explore once the sun sets. Although, if your cat is accustomed to cruising the dark streets, it may be best to allow them some access to the outside world, especially if they do all of their business outside as well.

This is also dependent on whether or not your cat has enough food. Since their instinct tells them to hunt mice as prey, they may be inclined to hunt more when their stomachs are nearing empty. This is a behavior that can be changed, but it’s imperative that you’re doing it for the benefit of your cat.

indoor cat breeds siamese web story

Some cats may hunt during the day, primarily if they’ve been domesticated, and will catch mice as a way of playing instead of hunting.  If your cats enjoy playing with mice, you may need to invest in a few more kitty supplies to keep your cat entertained throughout the day (or night).

What if Siamese Cats Have No Mice to Catch?

Unlike natural instincts like hunger or the need to mate, your cat will not miss too much if they have no mice to catch. This innate desire is triggered by the presence of animals to hunt. If there are no animals to hunt, this feeling will subside, and the cat will continue about its day.

This is also why it’s imperative to understand your cats’ personalities. If your Siamese cat is generally an outdoors and outgoing kind of cat, you’ll have to keep in mind that they’ll hunt outside of their territory as well. This could cause your cat to stray further from home than you’d like, and you’ll have to find alternative ways to fulfill this instinct.

Most cats, however, will only hunt when they need to. They’ll probably avoid going too far from home to seek prey if they’ve got enough food, water, toys, and a warm sunny place to catch a nap.

wedge siamese cat
wedge siamese cat

What Other Cats Are Good Mousers?

While the Siamese is an excellent mouser, there are few others that you may have heard of. Here is a quick list of other cat breeds for your mousing needs:

So are Siamese cats good mousers?

Yes, Siamese cats are good mousers. Whether they learn this from their mothers or you’ve had to train them to get the job done, they are instinctively good at hunting as their predatory skills were passed down to them.

Remember to train your cat to understand where to dispose of the mice or whether they are allowed to eat them. This is the owners’ onus. Be kind to your kitty when they bring you fun presents like dead mice or roaches, as the Siamese breeds are incredibly social.

Whatever you choose, getting a Siamese is one commitment that needs to be thought out. If you’re up to the task of loving these adorable creatures, they may be the most humane answer to dealing with your impending rodent issues.

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