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Best Flea Collar For Cats: 6 To Keep the Critters Away

ginger cat scratching itself using its back paw

Looking for the best flea collar for cats? It’s every cat owner’s worst nightmare to see their kitty incessantly itching. It’s even worse when you can see the culprits moving through the fur of your cat, looking for a sweet spot to start munching and nesting. Fleas are a problem that most cats, and you […]

Cameras for Cat Collars – 4 Best Options to See Your Pet’s Perspective

British shorthair cat with camera

If you love and admire your cat like I expect you do, then you’ve most likely thought about what it must be like to walk in their paws. Wouldn’t it be great if they had cameras for cat collars so you could see how they experience the world and what life looks like from all […]

8 Stylish and Fun Christmas Cat Collar Options

tabby cat with small cloth christmas tree

Christmas is a wonderful time to have some fun with your favourite feline. However, many cats don’t like being dressed up like a Christmas tree – such poor sports!!! If your cat won’t allow you to dress him up like an elf or Santa Claus than a Christmas cat collar could be the perfect solution. […]