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Do Siamese Cats Like Water? What Owners Need to Know

The average cat hates water exposure, so they run away when you try to bathe them. But Siamese cats are unique because they are less likely to avoid you during bath time. One might go even further by insinuating that they like playing with water. 

But do Siamese cats like water? The short answer is yes, they do. Even if they aren’t exactly ecstatic about their monthly bath, it doesn’t mean they don’t like splashing water around when they see a puddle. 

Seeing a cat behave this way might appear odd, but it’s normal for Siamese breeds. This guide will dive deeper into the subject by helping you comprehend the behavior of Siamese cats and their connection with water.


Why Do Siamese Cats Like Water? 

Siamese cats enjoy being stimulated by new environments and experiences. Of course, this infatuation is expected because they’re an inquisitive breed. All you need to do is study their faces to understand how hypnotized they are by water. 

For example, the first time they see your bathroom faucet running, they instinctively check it out. These curious cats paw at the water first to see what it feels like and what happens when they do. 

Like most animals, Siamese cats rely on their survival instincts. Before becoming our beloved household pets, locating running water was vital for them, and they depended on their sharp hearing instead of their eyes to help them accomplish this goal. 

This happens because it’s easier for them to listen to the sound of water than to hear water that isn’t flowing. A water bowl isn’t attractive to the Siamese, but they run excitedly to the source when they catch a hint of water running somewhere. 

siamese cat in bucket with cleaning products

Another reason they love running water is that it means that it’s fresh, like the water flowing down a stream. Cats are genetically programmed to hunt down flowing water because there is a higher probability that they won’t get sick or die from drinking it like they would from a dirty puddle. 

Additionally, running fresh water’s flavor differs from water sitting stagnant in a bowl. Idle water accumulates dirt and dust particles from the air. It also forms bacteria because some dishes attract flies to a piece of stool. On the other hand, water running from a stream or faucet is colder and healthier. 

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3 Ways to Know If Your Siamese Cat Likes Water

Determining whether your Siamese cat loves or hates playing with water won’t take much effort. The first step we recommend is to watch its behavior and actions for a few days; if you are patient, you will get your answer. 

Below are a few signs that your Siamese may enjoy exposure to water. 

siamese cat on the prowl

1. Your Siamese cat often plays with their water bowl

Cats love fumbling around with a water bowl, even when it contains no water. They love to see themselves on the mirrorlike surface of their dish. And splashing water all over the place is exciting for naughty felines. Pawing at their water is a way to check if it’s still drinkable. So we recommend replacing the water in their bowl every 12 hours to ensure it’s always fresh. 

2. You catch your cat staring at the toilet bowl or recently used bathtubs

Most Siameses consider the bathroom their second home if they are not relaxing near you. The slippery floor feels comforting on their furry paws, and there are also more water sources than in any other area of the house, like the sink and a dripping bidet. Never leave the toilet seat up unless you think it’s okay for your cat to drink from the bowl since it could make them sick. 

3. Your Siamese cat drinks from the water faucet

When cats are absorbed by the sound of water dripping from a faucet, they ignore everything around them. Their only goal is to try to catch each drop that falls out with their paw, and they can do this for hours. It’s also a clean source of drinking water that never tastes stale. 

On rare occasions, you come across Siamese cats that prefer to avoid water as much as possible. This is because they may have faced trauma in the past, and water was involved. To cure this phobia, you must slowly introduce water to them. This process will take time and patience. 

The first step to help with their phobia is turning on the tub faucet until it is filled to the top. Next, hold your Siamese cat slowly over the water and dip their paws inside. Remember not to force the situation too much, or your cat might never trust you again.

lynx point siamese in chair

3 Ways to Allow Your Cat To Satisfy Their Love Of Water

There is no reason to stop your cat if they enjoy playing with water. On the contrary, it’s something we think you should encourage by giving your cat easier access to this life source. 

Also, keeping water in their bowl will help your cat stay active and engaged with an activity that teaches them how to use their bowl without spilling water all over your kitchen floor. 

siamese cat drinking water

1. Buy water-filled toys

Every pet store has these, or if you prefer online shopping, various eCommerce stores sell different styles and shapes. To be creative, you can make a toy from scratch by putting water into a plastic bottle. Ensure you only fill it halfway and screw the bottle cap in until it feels tight. 

2. Buy a Cat water fountain

Watching the water flow from this fountain will amuse your cat for hours. Their health will also improve because it makes them want to consume more water daily when it is flowing and not stagnant.

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3. Keep the bathroom door open

When you take a shower, keep the door open for your Siamese. They will get a kick out of watching your shower droplets. If you prefer to sit and have a bath, allow your cat to sit near you at any end of your tub. 

Do Other Cat Breeds Love Water?

Despite this guide being about Siamese cats and their obsession with water, other cat breeds also love moisture. Below are the more mainstream breeds that like to get wet. 

  • Maine Coons – These are the biggest household cats you can legally buy as pets. They crave the outdoors and explore the world around them. Maine Coons love to dip their paws in puddles and splash water everywhere. It can get messy since their claws are larger than the average cat’s. 
  • BengalsBengal cats are rare and intelligent, which makes them not easy to find for an affordable price. They also love H2O and can be clever enough to turn the faucet on when thirsty. 
  • Abyssinians – Abyssinians are an ancient breed from Africa that are remarkable swimmers. Their mouse-catching skills were discovered years ago and are why they were exported from Africa to many Western countries worldwide. 
  • Turkish Vans – Their claim to fame comes from being the fastest feline swimmers in the world. While swimming, they are also excellent at dipping their heads underwater to catch smaller fish for their owners because of their quick reflexes. 
  • Manx – These cats originate from the Isle of Man and have small to nonexistent tails. Since the Manx cat lives an island life, it makes sense they can feel comfortable near the water and get a kick out of playing in it. 
Maine coon cats with their tongue out, sitting next to each other.
Maine Coon cats

While it’s true that certain breeds have a higher affinity for water than others, this doesn’t make it a sure thing. Every cat has a unique personality, and their preferences will vary, but their individuality is why we love them so much.

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