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21 Best Grey and White Cat Breeds I Fluffy & Short-Haired Breeds

With hundreds of cute cats on the globe, it’s hard not to get smitten by a little kitten. These grey and white cat breeds will steal your heart. Some have short hair, others have long fluffy manes — but one thing’s certain: they’re all worth getting to know. 

You’re in the right place if you want to familiarize yourself with more cat breeds. You’ll learn about their personalities, characteristics, life expectancy, and more. While one specific breed comes in various colors, this post aims to shine a light on all the gray and white cats out there. 

Let’s not waste any time and jump right in. 


21 Top Grey and White Cat Breeds

And drumroll. Here’s the moment you’ve been waiting for: I’m giving you a list of some of my favorite cats with white and gray coats.  

1. British Longhair



First up is the exceptionally fluffy and adorable British Longhair cat. These gorgeous felines are a cross between a Persian and a British Shorthair — so they’re essentially the latter but with longer fur. They’re known for their loveable nature and teddy bear-like appearance. 

If you’ve ever wanted a gray and white fluffy cat, the British Longhair is highly recommended for its affectionate personality. Seen as loyal, intelligent, and highly sociable, these cool cats have dense coats in numerous colors, including gray, silver, white, and chocolate.

Thanks to their long, luscious locks, these kitty cats require regular grooming to look their absolute best. While British Longhair cats will enjoy naps on your lap, they don’t take to being picked up often and prefer all four paws on the floor. This breed is also quieter, so don’t expect a lot of chit-chat, as they have an independent streak. 

British Longhair cats are generally very healthy and can live between 12 – 17 years (sometimes up to 20) if given a proper diet and sufficient exercise. 

2. Persian 


Photo by Claudia Schmalz From Pexels 

The Persian cat is one of the most recognizable and beautiful cats on the planet. They’ve been around since the 1600s, which explains why they’re popular for breeders and pet owners. This gray and white long-haired cat is quite high-maintenance, requiring daily grooming and brushing to keep their signature fur coat in mint condition. 

Speaking of their famous coats, these come in many other colors like silver and cream. You’ll recognize a Persian by its cute flat cat face and short muzzles. These fluffy furballs have a regal demeanor and serene temperament and appear elegant with their fabulous coats.

Persian cats are among the best family pets, meaning they’re excellent with children and other pets. They’re also pretty timid and quiet, but they can’t cope with being alone for long periods. So, if you have excellent grooming skills and a busy home filled with company, your Persian will be a happy kitty. 

They are super easy to train, with a lifespan of 12 – 17 years. 

3. Maine Coon


Photo by Pixabay From Pexels 

If you haven’t heard about the Maine Coon, you surely live under a rock, as it’s one of the oldest natural breeds in North America. With its long luxurious fur, this large feline towers over other domesticated breeds. Their thick and dense coats come in various Maine Coon colors and patterns, such as red, blue, cream, and black. But they can also fall under gray and white cat breeds. 

Maine Coon cats are direct descendants of the Norwegian Forest cats, which explains why their bone structure and muscles can grow so big. These cats have an affectionate, playful nature and enjoy human company. So, if you were looking for a gentle companion, you can’t go wrong with this breed. 

Since their fur is also longer, it’ll need to be tended to regularly. Otherwise, these felines are easy to look after and are generally healthy with long lifespans between 12 – 15 years. However, many long-time owners have reported how they’ve lived with their Maine Coon cats for up to 20 years!  

4. Ragdoll


Photo by Omar Ramadan From Pexels

The Ragdoll kitty is as adorable as they come. Their striking signature blue eyes pop against their gray and white fluffy fur. The medium-sized kitties show off soft, silky coats that come in multiple Ragdoll colors and patterns, including lavender, orange, beige, ebony, chocolate, and lilac, to name a few. 

A Ragdoll cat’s personality is often described as calm, playful, affectionate, and easy-going. These gentle felines aren’t easy to come by due to careful breeding, but they are a pleasure to have in your home. They make excellent pets, get along with children, and often snuggle up with their owners in bed. 

They require weekly grooming and can live 12 – 15 years with healthy cat food and regular vet visits. 

5. American Wirehair


Photo by Layanne From Pexels 

Ever wondered what a white and gray cat with dense, wiry fur looked like? Okay, maybe you’re not as obsessed with cats, but if you were wondering, they’d look like an American Wirehair. These purr babies come in all colors like chestnut, platinum, Chinchilla, and cameo, but luckily for you, gray and white are also common.

Besides funky colors, American Wirehair cats have a unique crimped coat with crinkly whiskers caused by a genetic mutation. They have tiny, kitten-like faces with bright almond eyes and sharp ears. Adopting them is a no-brainer if you want a loving, sweet, and calm companion.  

These cats can live 14 – 18 years on a proper diet and regular exercise. However, this breed is prone to diabetes, arthritis, obesity, and other illnesses.  

6. Norwegian Forest Cat


Photo by Kutlay Uyar From Pexels

The Norwegian Forest takes the trophy for the most majestic-looking white and gray cat. No, seriously. Most breeds can’t compete with their long, glossy manes, breathtaking beauty, and personality to match. 

They’re affectionately called “Wegie” and are highly adaptable to family life thanks to their loving and calm nature. If you want a cuddle buddy, Wegies won’t disappoint, and they’re always eager to make new friends. When adopting one, ensure ample space, as this breed is large and active. 

You also have to be hands-on regarding grooming your cat, and their shiny long locks come in an array of colors like silver and cream. Feed them well, allow them to exercise regularly, and your Norwegian Forest cat should live 12 – 20 years.  

7. Scottish Fold


Photo by Sofie Witters From Pexels 

If there’s ever a cat that’ll make you swoon, it would be the round-faced Scottish Fold. While most of them sport only one coat color, like blue or black, they can also be gray and white cats. You’ll notice a Scottish Fold by its tiny folded ears that lay forward on their heads, which are often seen as “owl-like.” 

With origins in Scotland (obviously), the Scottish Fold is one of the most expensive breeds, costing around $3000. Apart from a charmingly unique appearance, these cats are very affectionate, energetic, and attention-seeking. So, you’d have to be around a lot as they thrive on human interaction. 

Scottish fold cats have an average lifespan of 11 – 15 years. They are susceptible to polycystic kidney disease (PKD) and cardiomyopathy, which can be avoidable with a healthy diet, enough exercise, and a tranquil environment. 

8. Egyptian Mau


Photo by Sahil Khaliq From Pexels

The Egyptian Mau is a short-haired, medium-sized cat resembling a mini leopard. Although the Mau has small black spots covering the tips of its coat, they come in gray and white colors.

Did you know this breed’s ancestors were once worshiped in ancient Egypt? They are also one of the fastest domestic cats, running up to 30 miles per hour.

Considered a rare breed of cat, the Egyptian Mau has a lovely personality and gels well with children and other pets. You may have to research their diet and develop an exercise regime to keep them in tip-top shape. Egyptian Maus can typically live 10 – 15 years.

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9. European Shorthair


Photo by Cats Coming From Pexels

The striking European Shorthair evolved from Egyptian cats, which explains its stripey and spotty coat. Their coats come in many different colors, such as red, blue, cream, black, and, of course, white and gray. You’ll recognize them by their gorgeous markings, striking big cat eyes, and perfectly symmetrical faces.  

European Shorthairs can be territorial with other felines but are big-hearted furry companions who love cuddling on your lap. They are affectionate and get along with children and most dogs. These loving cats are exceptional self-groomers but may require combing, teeth-brushing, claw-clipping, and the occasional bath. 

They typically live between 14 – 20 years, depending on their diet, exercise, living conditions, and overall health. 

10. Cornish Rex


Photo by John From Pixabay 

Not enough people know about the Cornish Rex; even fewer know they can be a stunning white and gray cat breed. This type of cat has only one kind of hair: very fine and short fur, known as down hair or the undercoat. For context, most cat breeds have three types of hair: the outer coat, middle layers, and undercoat. 

The Cornish Rex is a big-eared cat breed with a long, athletic body. These felines are people-orientated, affectionate, bubbly, and one of the most friendly cat breeds. They have lots of energy and do not like being left alone for too long.

In terms of grooming, this cat is low-maintenance as they come with only a weekly ear and paw cleaning session needed. These social butterflies can live 15 – 20 years.    

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11. Exotic Shorthair


Photo by Amandine From Pixabay

The Exotic Shorthair is virtually the short-haired version of the Persian. So, they basically have the same flat faces that you’ll quickly recognize in a Persian cat. This is one of the most popular short-haired breeds that sport different colored coats, including tabby, orange, and gray. 

This pudgy-looking cat might be the furball of your dreams. They are super friendly, sweet, and social but may be a bit shy around new people. In addition, they enjoy jumping around and chewing on toys and are crazy intelligent (so smart that they’ll figure out where you hide the toys).  

Exotic Shorthairs can generally live between 12 – 15 years and may suffer from hereditary health issues like polycystic kidney disease (PKD) and respiratory problems

12. American Shorthair


Photo by Pixabay From Pexels

Out of all the shorthair gray and white cat breeds, the American Shorthair is one of the most well-known and cutest. These small, chubby cats have short legs, flat faces, button noses, and tiny ears. They are the perfect family cats to have around as they’ll warm up to every person in the house, including older people, children, and other pets.  

These cats have gorgeous, eye-catching stripes marking their shiny coats, often in grays, whites, and browns. With a mellow and friendly nature, American Shorthairs still need plenty of space to play in due to their “working cat” origins. However, they are pretty low-maintenance and generally very healthy pets that are social with strangers too. 

While American Shorthairs have short, dense fur, it doesn’t mean you should skip grooming altogether. Weekly brushing will keep its coat healthy and free from mats, dirt, and dead hair. This insanely cute cat breed can live for 15 – 20 years. 

13. Oriental Shorthair


Photo by Krista From Pexels 

The Oriental Shorthair is an elegant-looking breed that originates from Thailand and the United States. Resembling the Siamese, these cats have round, almond eyes, sharp, pointy faces, massive ears, and slim bodies. 

It also has a typical modern Siamese head and body shape with a wide arrangement of coat colors and patterns. Don’t expect quietness, as these chatterboxes are known for meowing at their owners. They are social, bubbly, curious, extremely intelligent, and absolutely love to talk (extroverts, for sure). 

As long as you can provide them with lots of attention, and human interaction, these kitties should be happy. I wouldn’t recommend leaving your Oriental Shorthair alone for more than two hours, so you may need to consider a cat sitter now and then. 

Hardcore grooming is not needed. However, you can keep their silky fur in excellent condition by wiping it with a soft cloth a few times monthly. Oriental shorthairs can live 12 – 15 years and even longer, granted Amyloidosis, a common illness in Abyssinian, Siamese, and Balinese breeds, does not burden them. 

14. Devon Rex


Photo by miezekieze From Pixabay 

I don’t blame you if you can’t tell the difference between an Oriental Shorthair and a Devon Rex. Both felines have slim, slender bodies, tall ears, short hair, and small, pointy faces. However, the Devon Rex has more of a wavy coat and a shorter nose. 

Adopting a Devon Rex will bring you enormous joy, as these cats are one of the best pets you can have. They are sociable, friendly, extroverted, highly intelligent, and love human interaction. What cat owner wouldn’t want those qualities?

And guess what — they are super laid back and easy to take care of. Grooming is not really needed as brushing their delicate coats can do more harm than good. Simply look after those mammoth ears, trim those claws, and all should be hunky dory.  

These bold creatures will fit well with any family member and even your doggos. They can live for nine to 15 years and may develop an inherited muscle disease called Devon Rex myopathy

15. Munchkin

white-and-grey-munchkin-cat grey and white cat breeds

Photo by Tranmautritam From Pexels

The Munchkin is as endearing as its name suggests, which literally means short person or child. In this case, I present a feline with short stubby legs that’ll make you go awww. Of all the cats with short legs out there, this one might be the cutest. They’re the feline version of a Dachshund or a Corgi. 

Speaking of the canine family, a Munchkin will get along well with them, your children, and every other house member. They are loving, social cats that are easy to train and will adore playing with their owners. 

Munchkins are generally healthy and are expected to live 12 – 15 years. Like any other breed, they are susceptible to health issues that affect most breeds, like urinary tract infections and heart diseases. Short-haired Munchkins require weekly brushes, while longer-haired Munchkins need more frequent brushing to keep their coat smooth and tangle-free. 

16. Siberian 


Photo by Сергей Сёмин From Pexels

While we’re on the trend of discovering dog-like cats, you can guess what this fierce feline would’ve been in the dog kingdom. In case you’re not a dog lover, I’m referring to the Siberian Husky. These animals originated in Russia and had to adapt to extremely cold conditions, which explains their thick, long fur. 

This long-haired gray and white cat has no business looking so striking and beautiful with its lustrous coat and massive, round eyes. The Siberian cat is adventurous, strong, and alert thanks to being a centuries-old landrace breed. On the flip side, they make fantastic pets as they’ll get along with everyone, including kids and other furry family members. 

Surprisingly, the dense coat of a Siberian is relatively easy to look after. Granted, if you brush their coat weekly to keep it healthy and free of mats. You only need to put in more hard work during the shedding season (spring and fall), which usually requires daily brushing. 

Siberians come in various colors, too, and may typically live 11 – 15 years. 

17. Turkish Van


Photo by Adnana Kelic From Pexels

You’re not the only one thinking that Turkish Van sounds like an odd name for a cat breed, but the name comes from its origins in Turkey. These semi-long-haired felines can be the next fluffy gray and white cat of your dreams. They are rare and unusual — not to mention give top supermodels a run for their money. 

You can tell if a cat is a Turkish Van by looking at their coat color pattern, known as the Van pattern (which explains the second half of its name). This unique pattern is present when only the head and tail of a cat are colored, with the rest of the body being white. 

Turkish Vans are pretty healthy and can live 12 – 17 years. Brush their fur once a week and their teeth multiple times per week for a happy kitty. These cats are excellent family pets but may not be ideal for orderly or older people due to their large stature and energetic personalities.  

18. American Curl


Photo by Chicsweet From Pixabay 

Nicknamed the “Peter Pan of felines” for its witty and childlike attitude, the American Curl is an undeniably adorable small cat breed. This rare kitty is sought by many cat fans across the globe, not only for its pint-sized look but for its one-of-a-kind curled-back ears. No, seriously, it’s like curling back a regular cat’s ears and somehow keeping it in that position. 

These tiny furballs are super friendly and affectionate regarding behavior and personality, requiring much of your attention. They are pretty active cats with dog-like qualities, so definitely not suitable if you seek a quiet, timid pet. However, they’re ideal for families with small children who will keep them busy all day. 

Grooming should be fairly easy — once weekly for short-haired American Curls and twice weekly for long-haired Curlies. These pets can live 10 – 20 years, depending on their quality of life. 

19. Birman


Photo by Julian de Wet From Pexels

The jaw-dropping Birman, or “Sacred Cat of Burma,” is a beautiful breed originating in Burma, France, and Sweden. These mild-mannered felines are characterized by long, silky hair, piercing blue eyes, and colored points contrasted by a white or gray body. 

Birmans are generally calm, docile cats with friendly, intelligent, and affectionate personalities. They usually get along with children and other pets and are active and interested in what’s happening in the home. 

The expected lifespan of a Birman ranges from nine to 15 years, which can be affected by their diet, environment, and health issues that usually plague cats. As for grooming, ensure you comb or brush this kitty at least once weekly. 

20. Siamese


Photo by Kanashi From Pexels

The Siamese is one of the few blue-eyed cat breeds, along with the Birman, Persian, Balinese, and Himalayan. These felines hail from Thailand and are one of the first recognized breeds of Asian cats. There are about 17 types of Siamese cats

You’ll notice a Siamese by its slim body, long neck and tail, deep blue eyes, and point-colored coat. While these cats are known for their stunning looks, they shine in the personality department. They are bright, easy to train, playful, entertaining, and remarkably charming. 

Note that the Siamese is among the most vocal of cats, indulging in long conversations with their humans to whom they are so loyal. Brush their short coats once a week and feed them a proper diet to live 15 – 20 years. Otherwise, they may suffer from intestinal tumors and cancers such as mediastinal lymphoma if not provided with a decent diet.  

21. RagaMuffin 


Photo by Meruyert Gonullu From Pexels

RaggaMuffin means a person, or typically a child, in ragged, dirty clothes. I am baffled as to why breeders would name such a classy-looking feline after this word. Then again, they have incredibly fluffy manes and long tails that might sweep up dirt from time to time. 

A RagaMuffin will make a wonderful addition to your home if you’re after a white and gray fluffy cat. 

This medium-sized beauty boasts a plush coat, a large, triangular face, blue oval eyes, and strong legs. Known as gentle giants amongst cat lovers, RagaMuffins are perfect for the whole family. They obsessively adore gentle petting, so prepare for overtime stroking and purring

With such long, glossy fur, you’ll have to be on top of your grooming game with RagaMuffins. These sweet furry babies need their coats brushed at least twice or thrice weekly. Their lifespan is usually around 15 years but can increase if they lead healthy, happy lives.  

What’s Your Favorite White and Gray Cat Breed?

From fluffballs to nearly hairless cats, you now know a wide range of white and gray cat breeds to add to your ever-growing kitty knowledge. Which one was your favorite? I know it’s pretty impossible to choose, but you can rest assured that no cat’s feelings were hurt in the process (kidding).

Also, remember that no cat breed will only have a gray and white coat, as that would be too boring for a feisty feline. And many more cats out there can have these two colors. However, the ones on this list not only meet the color criteria but are all excellent pets to adopt into your home. 

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