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How Often Do Cats Pee? What you Need to Know

Small gray kitten in plastic litter cat on floor

You’ve just cleaned the litter box, and now you’re wondering, “How often do cats pee?” You’re not alone — I’ve been there, too  — and it’s a valid question to ask. After all, your cat’s toilet habits can say a lot about their state of health. Whether they’re going multiple times a day or only […]

Why Does My Cat Sleep On My Legs? 10 Reasons Why

Grey lazy cat sleeping on woman's knees in the room, close up

Have you ever sat on the couch, bed, or perhaps at your desk, with a furball purring peacefully on your lap and wondered to yourself, “Why does she do this, Why does my cat sleep on my legs?”. Well, you’re not alone. While many cat owners are more than happy to curl up with their […]

Why Do Cats Roll in the Dirt? 9 Reasons for Dust Bathing

Cat rolls around in the sun why do cats roll in the dirt

Why do cats roll in the dirt? Have you ever looked out into the garden to see your beloved purrfect kitty rolling gleefully in the dirt? The complete opposite of seeing your fur baby neatly sitting, licking themselves clean, or admiring your grooming efforts? What’s going on? While our fur babies have dust baths and […]

Why Does My Cat Eat My Hair? 9 Reasons

black cat yawing with eyes closed and tongue out and flowers in background

All cat parents know how much their felines like to groom themselves. But what happens when your kitty starts to groom you? Why does my cat eat my hair? There are several possible answers to the question of why your cat is eating or chewing your hair. And if you don’t like this behaviour or […]

Why Does My Cat Lick my Nose? 10 Reasons Why

Grey big cat - licks your face

Cats have a fantastic reputation when it comes to cleanliness. Their main method of grooming is to use their tongue to lick themselves – starting with their cute faces and then moving to their loges, body and ending at the tail. By why does my cat lick my nose? Cats come equipped with special tongues […]

What Smells do Cats Hate: 7 Must Avoids

black cat with green eyes up close in herb garden

Cats have a surprisingly powerful sense of smell. In fact, their sense of smell is considerably stronger than that of humans. A domestic cat’s sense of smell is between 9 and 16 times more powerful than yours so it is worth knowing what smells do cats hate. Or in other terms, cats have between 45 […]