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Looking at cat collars and wondering how on earth to choose the purrfect one for your favourite feline? My posts will help you to make the best choice plus provide reviews of all types of collars from GPS, to those with cameras, to seasonal options to leather cat collars and much more

7 Best Cat Tracking Collars (2023)

Most people reading this post will have microchipped their cat – so do you need cat tracking collars? The answer to that question depends on multiple factors. Find out what factors you should consider when deciding about getting a tracking cat collar as well as what other devices are available to keep track of your …

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6 Stylish Leather Cat Collars Your Cat Will Love (2023)

Any decent pet store will have a wide range of collars for cats on offer. These vary from the functional (eg identifying your cat, flea collars) to stylish leather cat collars to the downright over the top. Buying the right collar for your cat can be quite an overwhelming choice – not to mention how …

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