10 Reasons Why a Cat Might Sleep More than Usual

The Discerning Cat

Although it’s completely normal for cats to sleep for long periods, you might notice your pretty kitty is sleeping a lot more than usual.

The Discerning Cat

And it could potentially be a cause for concern.

The Discerning Cat

Here are the top reasons why your cat would start sleeping too much:

10 Reasons Why a Cat Might Sleep More than Usual

Yes, your precious pussycat can get depressed, too. They might lose their appetite, sleep more often, and avoid you.

They’re Depressed

A chubby cat will be more inclined to nap the day away. A lack of exercise and an imbalanced diet make for a bad combination when it comes to weight control.

They Might be Obese

Cats that are bored or stressed sleep more than the usual 12 – 16 hours a day. They may need a more engaging environment, especially if left home alone a lot.

They’re Bored

18 – 20 hours a day isn’t unusual, but if they’re still keeping to their usual antics while awake, there should be no cause for concern.

They’re Not as Young as They Were

They don’t enter a state of deep sleep very often because 75% of the time they’re only sleeping lightly and still slightly on alert.

They’re Not Getting Quality Sleep

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