10 Things to Know About Genetta Cat

The Discerning Cat

Much like a Minskin cat, the Genetta is engineered breed. Both parent breeds have specific traits that contribute to its looks, including short legs and exotic patterns and coloring.

The Discerning Cat

The Bengal isn’t a small cat, but has less hair. The Munchkin carries a gene that produces short legs in a small cat.

The Discerning Cat

And no, there are no genet genes involved in the creation of a Genetta cat. Let’s take a closer look at this unusual breed and what you need to know about them.

10 Things to Know about Genetta Cats

The genetta cat is essentially a combination of three main breeds.

There Are Three Breeds Used to Create the Genetta

It takes the most desired traits from these breeds and combines them to create the cutest feline kitten.

The Savannah itself is a hybrid breed – it is a cross between a serval and domestic Siamese cat, and is a medium-sized to large cat.

The Savannah

They are the only cat breed that display rosette patterns and markings. Brown, silver and snow colors dominate the generally short coat.

The Bengal

Munchkin cats were officially recognized in the early 90s. They are also referred to as Dwarf cats, due to their short legs – as a result, they are classified as small cats.

The Munchkin

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