13 of the Most Intelligent Cat Breeds

The Discerning Cat

Cats are generally known for being quite savvy, unlike their arch enemies dogs. But how smart are cats?

The Discerning Cat

It is always hard to tell with our enigmatic furry friends. But some cat breeds are definitely believed to have bigger brains than others.

The Discerning Cat

Smartest Cat Breeds

Abyssinian- This high energy cats are always on and ready for fun. What they love most is being close to their owner so they will tend to be in whichever room that you are in.

Siamese- Siamese cats are one of the most adored and famous cat breeds. They are intelligent, talkative, and lovely-natured felines, making ideal family pets.

Scottish Fold- Scottish Fold cats, named for their unusual folded ears and striking, yellowish-orange eye colors, these kitties just love to be around people.

Persians- This breed has a quiet demeanor; they plop down on any soft surface and simply pose for your appreciation – little super models.

Cornish Rex- This is a very adventurous breed that loves to explore and will keep its playful demeanor long after its kitten days are finished.

Turkish Angora- These friendly and gentle cats also have a more boisterous side and love run, jump and explore. He loves to play and will do almost anything to get your attention.

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