13 Things to Know About Dwelf Cat

As popular and notable as Sphynx and Munchkin cats can be, have you ever thought about what they would look like combined?

Meet the Dwelf: they are small in stature but have a whole lot of personality behind those stubby little legs.

If you are thinking they look a bit Egyptian, you might be onto something.

It is safe to say that they were bred after the year 2005 when the Bambino breed was created, as they are very closely related to this breed.


Well if you take “dwarf” and “elf” you get Dwelf! This stems mainly from their unique looks and stature, as they are small (dwarf) cats with adorable (elf-like) appearances.

A Name is Where it Starts

The cuddly Dwelf achieved its unique look from 3 different breeds: Munchkin, Sphynx, and American Curl.

A Different Kind of Breed

As you may have noticed, they're generally hairless. While the rumors run rampant that these types of hairless breeds can’t grow hair, this is false.

They are Hairless and Beautiful

Their legs are short and stubby, but strong nonetheless, and they are anything but fragile, with thick necks and muscular bodies.

Size, Age, and Other Traits

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