4 Tips for Alleviating Excessive Meowing on Siamese Cats

Of all the cats that have become human companions, Siamese cats have a reputation for being extraordinarily talkative and interactive.

They always want to say something, and from an early age, they learn that asking for food and other kinds of attention is the way for them to benefit from you.

So, a Siamese cat is likely going to meow. But there may be a few things you can do if you want to cut down on excessive meowing at least by a little.

Two play sessions a day or more, lasting around 20 minutes each, might condition your cat to expect play at certain times. So it will not bother you to play outside these times, at least theoretically.

Make Time to Play

If the age factor is in play, consult a vet for a thorough examination. There may be a calming medication that can assist an older cat with anxiety or pain.

Consider Medication for an Aging Cat

Another often overlooked notion is that older cats may lose their vision. If it can’t see at night, it’s going to complain at night when it’s trying to find you or move around the house. A few night lights, even for a cat, may be useful.

Give it Time

If the stress or anxiety meowing is because of a change in the home. Give it a little time. Sometimes even a closed door impacts a cat’s ability to process its territorial instinct.

If your cat has regular spaces it uses, like a bed or litter box, clean it at night before you go to bed yourself. Siamese are more likely than most other cats to complain about a dodgy litter box.

Clean Its Spaces

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