5 Reasons Why Cats Like String

The Discerning Cat

Even with dozens of cat toys at their disposal, it’s not unusual for felines to choose strings over everything. After all, images of cats and balls of yarn are cliché for a reason.

The Discerning Cat

But, your furball choosing that years-old string over the new shiny toy you bought for them shouldn’t leave you disappointed. Why do cats like string?

The Discerning Cat

Here are the main reasons cats can spend many hours playing with their favorite string.

5 Reasons Why Cats Like String

Equipped with claws, cats love latching and scratching on upholstery and carpets—it’s one of their destructive behaviors. The texture of yarn (and thus string) is perfect for this purpose as it allows them to claw into it.

It Has a Desirable Texture

While way thinner than most cat tails, a string slightly looks like a cat’s tail. And since felines love chasing their tails, they do the same to the piece of yarn.

It resembles a Tail

Playing with string gives both physical and mental stimulation to cats, which is one reason cats like string. As a cat owner, this is great for you.

String is Stimulating

Their hunting days are long gone, and they know to purr if they need food. Some, if not most, chase strings around because they simply love playing.

They Love Playing

The slithery movement and twitches of the string mimic prey trying to escape. Having complete control of the string—which makes it easy prey—as opposed to a laser pointer is also a contributing factor here.

Their Hunting Instincts

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