7 Reasons Why Your Cat Meows Back At You

Whether or not you and your cat speak the same language doesn’t matter.

They’ll still do their darndest to communicate their needs and wants to you.

Talking away is not just good for you, but for your pet too. It builds trust and improves their mood. It also lets them know that they’re in a safe environment which helps them feel at ease.

While it may not always seem that way, cats love their owners. While they may not need as much attention as dogs, they still love a cuddle, chat, or some quality time.

They’re Lonely

Often times your cat will float in your space and just let out a soft meow. They’re just doing this to drop in a quick “hey” as they do their daily tasks or in between naps in the sun.

To Say Hello

Often times cats will try to get your attention when they’re hungry, bored, or just want cuddles. They will give a big meow the get your attention or even headbutt you. Either way, when they do this, the reasons can vary.

To Get Your Attention

Despite the bad rep cats have gotten over the years, they are actually sweetie pies. Sometimes a meow can be as simple as just a way of saying they love you.

To Acknowledge You

If you notice that they’re meowing back at you excessively, especially when cats meow at night, it’s time to take a closer look at the situation.

They’re in Distress

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