8 Safe Things You Can Do To Keep Cats Away From Houseplants

For some curious reason known only to them, cats seem to enjoy terrorizing and destroying perfectly helpless houseplants.

Perhaps you’re one of those exasperated owners who regularly comes home to find that kitty has been at the plants again. So how to keep cats away from plants?

Here are some safe things you can do to help your cat and plants live in harmony.

Try placing aluminum foil around the base of the plant to keep your pet away. Cats dislike the noisy sound of the foil. They will avoid stepping on it and in the process avoid your plants.

Create unpleasant surroundings

Rather than punishing your pet, try positive reinforcement and redirecting their behavior. When you see your cat coming near a plant, distract them with a toy.

Train Your Cat to Stay Away

There are plants with smells or textures that cats don’t like. Naturally, they will stay away from these plants and not try to chew on them.

Grow Plants that Cats Dislike

There are many repellent sprays made with smells that cats dislike. Felines generally don’t like citrus and highly fragranced smells like lavender.

Use Repellent Sprays

Cats like digging in loose, soft soil. Adding a physical barrier to the soil is the easiest way to stop your pet from digging.

Cover the Plant Base

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