9 Cat Sleeping Positions When Sick All Owners Need to Know

The Discerning Cat

Cats are famed for their love of napping, and getting enough beauty sleep is a top priority. A snoozing feline is undeniably adorable, but sometimes it could indicate a possible problem.

The Discerning Cat

On average, cats sleep around 12 to 16 hours per day. If you notice your fur baby sleeping more frequently in an unusual position, it could be a sign of a sick or depressed cat.

The Discerning Cat

Although cats sleep for long periods, a sick kitty will become lethargic and often spend most of the day sleeping somewhere that’s quiet, private, and warm.

9 Cat Sleeping Positions When Sick & What They Mean

Sleeping curled up in a ball is one of the coziest positions and common in colder months. Felines might curl up as tightly as possible and tuck their ears and paws close to their bodies to keep warm.

Cat Curled Up in a Ball

Generally, this isn’t a cat’s go-to position, especially during deep sleep. But, you could occasionally find your feline lying flat on its stomach with all four paws outstretched.

Cat Sleeping Flat on Stomach

A cat sleeping with its paws outstretched resembles a cute flying position. Divided cat paws can help cats quickly escape if they feel threatened. As such, it also indicates that the cat might feel vulnerable due to sickness.

Sleeping With Paws Outstretched

When cats lie on their stomach with their paws and tails tucked under their belly, it’s known as the cat loaf position. This position is common for brief naps and is usually a sign of your kitty getting a comfy rest.

The Loaf Position

If you have an affectionate cat that’s loving during the day and then sleeps on its back, it’s usually no concern. In fact, it may suggest that your cat feels secure and trusts you by leaving its paw pads and belly exposed.

Sleeping Flat on Their Back

Cats are highly intelligent animals, and the ability to sleep with their eyes open is another genius trait. Although it might seem a bit strange, it’s common for cats to do this when resting.

Cat Sleeping With One Eye Open

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