the discerning cat

9 Flat Faced Cat Breeds

Persian Cats


These felines are flat-faced with a beautiful broad chest, stocky frame, a large head with wide-spaced eyes, an upturned nose, and silky fur.

Munchkin Cats


Despite their short legs, members of this flat-faced cat breed can pounce and dash around with bursts of energy.

Himalayan Cats


The Himalayan cat, Himmy, or Himmies, for short, looks like a Persian cat in Siamese drag.

Bombay Cat


Bombay Cats look like mini black panther look-alikes have black coats and piercing yellow eyes with medium-sized, muscular frames, rounded heads, and flat faces.

Scottish Fold Cat


Aside from their squishy flat faces, the Scottish Fold is also known for its folded teddy bear ears.

Exotic Shorthair Cat


These velvet teddy bears are playful and easily entertained, like batting at moving toys. They are kind and docile kitties.

British Shorthair


This cat breed is reasonably flat-faced, but the nose is not turned up like the exotic shorthair.

Selkirk Rex Cats


Selkirk Rex cats are simply lovable little fur babies, adored for their plush tousled coats and exquisite, smooshy flat-faces.

Burmese Cats


Burmese cats are energetic, playful, and curious kitties, often having more energy than most other brachycephalic cats.