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9 Gorgeous Grey Cat Breeds

Russian Blue Cats


With emerald-green eyes and a luxurious silvery coat, Russian Blues are a startlingly pretty breed..

British Shorthair


Grey is one of the most popular colours for the British Shorthair cat breed, particularly a darker shade of grey..

Persian Cats


Blue Persians are grey cats. Persian cats are affectionate, docile, and gentle kitties.

Chartreux Cats


This french cat breed also only comes in grey or blue as it is often called. It is known as one of the most polite breeds - not a word normally associated with cats!

Nebelung Cats


Nebelung is a less well-known cat breed and their name means "creature of the mist" in Germany

Norwegian Forest Cat


Larger than your average cat, the Norwegian Forest Cat Breed are rather elegant kitties

Scottish Fold Cats


Scottish Fold cats, named for their unusual folded ears and striking, yellowish-orange eye colors, these kitties just love to be around people.

Siberian Cats


With a thick, luxurious coat, stunning coat colors such as grey and an affectionate personality, Siberians are well-suited to any home.

Sphynx Cats


Burmese cats are energetic, The Sphynx doesn't have a coat but it does show colour on its skin which can be grey.