The Reason Why Cats Bite Their Nails

Should You Be Concerned?

Cats chew their claws as a regular part of grooming – your cat enjoys cleanliness after all. Excessive biting can be a sign of an underlying problem, though.

It could be a behavioral issue brought on by stress or anxiety. But it could also be a medical issue, which may require a visit to your vet.

Read on to find out why cats bite their nails and when you should be concerned.

Cats love to groom. Part of that process is cleaning their paws and getting “between the toes”, as it were.

Claw Biting and Chewing is Normal (Usually)

Cats will chew and bite claws and toes to eliminate unwanted debris and detritus, like litter or sand. This is especially noticeable in cats that enjoy the outdoors.

Cat claws also have a particular biological structure. They work in layers. This means that the nail’s outer layer tends to wear and fray.

Cats chew their claws sometimes to help discard the outer layer of their nails. Underneath, a fresh new layer awaits with added sharpness and shine.

The biting works in tandem with other methods. Your cat may use scratching posts, outdoor tree bark, or your favorite sofa for scratching to wear down or sharpen their nails.

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