9 Things You Need To Know About Depression in Cats

The Discerning Cat

Cat depression and anxiety can look quite different from the same syndromes in humans.

The Discerning Cat

And confusingly the symptoms of depression in cats can also be a sign of other potential cat health issues.

The Discerning Cat

So there is quite a bit that cat owners should know about cats and depression.

Can Cats Get Depressed? 9 Things to Know

As cats can’t communicate with us directly it can be hard to identify if your cat is depressed – particularly if it is naturally a loner type.

Cat Depression Can be Hard to Identify

Cats particularly don’t like changes to their home. This can include changes as small as moving furniture around to moving house. The bigger the change, the more difficult it will be for your cat to process.

Causes of Depression in Cats

The first you to do if you think your cat is depressed is it seek advice from your veterinarian. They may be able to prescribe some medication.

Best Ways to Help your cat if it is depressed

Some signs of anxiety rather than depression in cat include going outside the litterbox, excessive grooming and other cat behaviours done excessively and and excessive meowing.

Anxiety in cats can have similar characteristics but there are some differences

Compulsive activity in cats can manifest for several reasons, one being depression. Others include boredom, anxiety or fear.

Depressed Cats can develop compulsive behaviours

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