Are Siamese Cats Mean?

The Discerning Cat

7 Factors to Consider

Beautiful as they are, Siamese cats have developed a reputation for being slightly tricky to negotiate for their aggression. Some even describe them as “mean.”

The Discerning Cat

By that, they could understand the Siamese cat personality as aggressive or standoffish, which is unfortunately somewhat of a misconception.

The Discerning Cat

The question at hand is: Is all this true? Let’s dig into the issue and understand the Siamese a little better.

Are Siamese Cats Mean?

Siameses are prone to suffer separation anxiety when they are left on their own for extended periods of time. When they are bored or anxious, they may resort to behavior we see as destructive.

Specific Behavior Traits

What we do know is that they can be sensitive to certain situations. For example, they don’t like changes to their environment and routines.

Are Siamese Cats Aggressive?

Cats who have suffered some kind of trauma or were feral, are more likely to have difficulty adjusting to comfortable, smooth home life.

The Cat’s History

Their affection and love play a part in why some people feel they are mean. They tend to want a lot of attention, and when it is not given, they may act out.

Siamese and Affection

Siamese cats are no more problematic than any other cat or pet when considering all the possible factors that create their personality.

Are Siameses Problematic?

The truth is that a cat (like a human) wouldn’t be “mean” as a matter of course. While some breeds tend to be more assertive or territorial, aggression is usually a result of some trigger or underlying cause.

What Do You Mean By “Mean”?

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