How to Choose the Best Cat Brush

For Your Finicky Feline

Our finicky felines bring us oodles and oodles of joy. In return, us savvy servants must do a few things for them. One of those things is to brush them.

There are many benefits to brushing your cat. The main one is that brushing can work as a de-shedding tool, keep your cat and your home looking clean.

The basics are a cat comb, a bristle brush, a cleaning slicker brush, and perhaps a detangler.

Again, this varies from cat to cat. Most lovers of long-haired cats say daily brushing is best.

How to Choose the Best Cat Brush

A bristle brush is a standard grooming tool that can be used on all cat hair types. This soft cat brush helps to keep short fur sleek and shiny.

Best Cat brush for Short Hair

Brushing a medium-haired cat helps keep its coat silky smooth and free of tangles. A good option for a medium-haired cat could be a slicker brush.

Cat Brush for Medium hair

Best Cat Brush for Long-haired Cats

Since cats self-groom, it’s critical to keep a long-haired cat’s coat in good condition to reduce the size and unpleasantness of hairballs.

If you are looking for the best brush for cats that hate to be brushed you’ll love the glove brush!

Rubber glove brushes for Cats

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