7 Best Cat Trackers and Why You Might Need One

The Discerning Cat

Most people reading this post will have microchipped their cat – so do you need cat tracking collars?

The Discerning Cat

The answer to that question depends on multiple factors.

The Discerning Cat

Find out what factors you should consider when deciding about getting a tracking cat collar as well as what other devices are available to keep track of your kitty in my post.

7 Best Cat Tracking Collars

The design is quite sleek and comfortable for cats. And there is no way that the cat can turn the GPS off. The tracker clips on to the collar.

Tractive GPS Cat collar

Pawtrack says that it is the only tracking device that was designed exclusively for cats. The collar is available in 3 different sizes to suit your cat as well as being adjustable.


Tabcat’s range is 122 metres. If you are looking for your cat press the locate button on the remote control which comes with Tabcat. The cat’s collar will beep.


The tag uses the latest text to speech technology and you can also use the voice function to help to train your cat. You can even tell your cat to come home when you’re not there!


Tail it has an impressive 2 week battery life based on a single charge and is fully waterproof. Under the live tracking option, it will update your cat’s position every 5 seconds.

Tail it Tracker

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