Best Cat Tracking Collars

Most people reading this post will have microchipped their cat – so do you need cat tracking collars? The answer to that question depends on multiple factors.

Find out what factors you should consider when deciding about getting a tracking cat collar as well as what other devices are available to keep track of your kitty in my post.

Best Cat Tracking Collars

Tractive is an all in one cat tracker with a leather collar. The collar can be linked to your smart phone or browser.

Tractive GPS Cat collar

This GPS cat collar takes regular GPS positions as well as tracking on demand. The GPS tracker has been placed so it will sit at the back of your cat’s neck.


Tabcat is different from most other cat tracking collars because it uses radio frequency. This means it can help you locate your cat no matter where it is.


This tag converts information about your cat into audio content that can be broadcast if you think someone has found your cat.


Weenect allows you to keep track of your cat in 3 different ways: classic maps or satellite view, compass or radar. This means you should always be able to find out exactly where your cat is


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