6 Best Food for Constipated Cats

A simple dietary adjustment can do wonders for your cat’s constipation. Choosing the right cat food will depend on the reason for their constipation.

After all, if they’re having tummy trouble because of high fiber, a food chock-full of fiber definitely won’t help.

Here are my top cat food picks for constipated kitties:

Not only is it clinically proven to improve digestion and stool quality, but it’s also full of antioxidants. Helping your cat successfully do their business.

Hills Prescription Diet Digestive Care

Not only is this food designed to help cats with gastrointestinal conditions, but it also supports urinary health.

Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets Gastroenteric Formula/ Naturals

If you’re looking for natural ingredients that are easily digestible, Blue Buffalo’s food is a great choice.

Blue Buffalo Natural Veterinary Diet GI Gastrointestinal Support

The natural fiber blend of whole grains, beets, and rice helps to support a healthy digestive system.

Iams ProActive Health Indoor Weight & Hairball Care Dry Food

For cats with digestive issues, Eukanuba’s intestinal food is tasty and beneficial.

Eukanuba Cat Veterinary Diet Intestinal

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