Best Girl Cat Names You’ll Surely Love 

The Discerning Cat

If you’re adding to your collection of purring faces or finally caving in and opting for a dog and cat world, you’ll need the perfect name for your feline.

The Discerning Cat

Soon enough, they may even come running along as soon as you call their name – cat treats can be a big help in this department.

The Discerning Cat

Just like baby names, cat names have a certain level of popularity. Currently, these are 13 of the most popular girl cat names from across the world in this post.

Best Girl Cat Names You’ll Surely Love 

Buttercup is another adorable girl cat name with its origin coming from the English word “yellow wildflower.” This humble name was given to the princess in the movie “The Princess Diaries,” a title that any lovely kitty deserves.


Cleopatra was one of the most powerful women in history. Cleo is an abbreviation of the name, with the English origin meaning “glory”.


Mittens is the perfect name for cats living in colder environments because it seems too cute not to give your cuddly cat breed a cozy name.


Cats tend to be night owls, which is why Luna works so well for felines who adore the night sky and only return for morning cuddles.


Given the meaning of the name, Bella is a great name for any gorgeous little girl kitty. Perhaps you’re giving an old rescue a second chance at life; Bella is a beautiful name for giving them a new personality in the world.


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