9 Best Kitten Dry Food Options for Your Cat (2023)

There are so many things to think about when taking care of a new kitten. They have to be kept busy, healthy, and of course, showered with love.

But kittens also need to eat, and the abundance of food choices can make things seem complicated.

If you’re searching for the best kitten dry food to feed your furry baby feline, you’re in the right place.

Hills Science Diet is yet another well-known pet food brand and is loved by many. It’s also commonly recommended by vets.

Hills Science Diet Kitten

Blue Buffalo Wilderness dry food is made using a grain-free recipe and made to help your kitten become his best, healthiest self.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Kitten Dry Food

The Pro Plan range from Purina is a highly specified series of both wet and dry food. They aim to find the ideal food for your kitten’s unique needs.

Purina Pro Plan Dry Kitten Food

Containing the omega-3 fatty acid DHA, Royal Canin mother and babycat kibbles is designed to aid in the growth of the kitten’s brain, vision, and gums.

Royal Canin Mother and Babycat Kibbles

IAMS Proactive Kitten Food

It’s made using natural ingredients and packed with all the nutrients needed for a kitten aged 1 – 12 months.

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