Best Toys for Cats your Favorite Feline Will Love

Every cat is unique and comes with their own preferences – I am sure that your cat has indicated what it does and doesn’t like.

Also, your cat’s preferences will change over time. Kittens will prefer toys that allow them to be very active – which will appeal less to an older cat. But cats will always need toys!

This guide will take you through different types of cat toys on the market.

Catnip contains a unique oil that the majority of cats love. Apparently it impacts on the central nervous system and creates an extremely strong sense of happiness in cats.

Catnip Toys

There are many different options for electronic cat toys. These range from toys with lasers to electronic mice who can run around for your cat to chase.

Electronic Cat Toys

Feather toys feature, well, feathers. They are often at the end of a long pole or string. The feathers are there to mimic a bird – favourite kitty prey.

Feather Teaser Cat Toys

Wand cat toys can be almost like a fishing rod. The “bait” can be any number of items. The point of the wand toy is to move the item around and allow your cat to chase it.

Wand Cat Teaser Toys

These cool cat toys are a great way to use treats as they can take the cat some time to solve so not many treats are required for a good play session.

Cat Puzzle Toys

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