You can never give your cat too much affection, but you can give your cat too many treats.

Most cat treats are food based and unfortunately too many cats have weight problems these days..

Here the best cat treats, the most common types of cat treats and what to look for when you’re making your final purchase of cat treats.

Catnip and cat grass are fantastic treats for cats as they are some of the healthiest cat treats available. Plus they can get your cat in the mood for play – and then help them to relax.

1. Catnip and Cat Grass

Natural cat treats are low in fat and tasty. These healthy treats for cats include dried fish treats poultry or meat snacks.

2. Natural Cat Treats

Healthy teeth and a treat dental health cat treats are a winner! Not only will your cat love them, they will help to keep their teeth and gums healthy.


All that grooming means that cats end up swallowing a lot of hair. Hairball pastes, furball treats and snacks can all help move hair through your cat’s system and provide them with a fun treat.

4. Anti Hairball Treats

Cat sticks generally come in one of two forms: crunchy or chewy. They are easy for cats to break into portions so they can take their time to enjoy their cat snacks.

5. Cat Sticks

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