15 Big Eyed Cat Breeds You'll Fall For

The big eyes of human babies mean that we are hard wired to like animals with big eyes.

It should come as no surprise that we humans can find big-eyed cat breeds irresistible.

Here are 15 Big Eyed Cat Breeds you’ll fall for.

The Cornish Rex cat has a head shaped liked a triangle. As a result its eyes are prominent and large.

1. Cornish Rex Cat Breed

These medium-sized cats have a striking appearance with hairless, wrinkled skin and large ears.

2. Sphynx Cat Breed

Scottish Fold cats, named for their unusual folded ears and striking, yellowish-orange eye colors, these kitties just love to be around people.

3. Scottish Fold Cat Breed

4. Burmese Cat Breed

 Burmese cats are often characterized as a “rock wrapped in silk” due to being much heavier than what they appear to be.

This playful kitty maintains its playful instincts all of its life. They love to run, play fetch, answer the door, and more.

5. Tonkinese Cat Breed

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