11 Blue Eyed Cat Breeds

You Won’t Be Able to Resist

Once most kittens reach six weeks of age the melatonin kicks in and most cats develop a different eye colour.

There are some cat breeds that have a recessive gene which means that their eyes will stay blue.

So if you have a passion for the colour blue and are looking to add a feline to your life here are 11 Blue Eyed Cat Breeds.

Siamese cats are one of the most adored and famous cat breeds. They are intelligent, and talkative and all Siamese cats have stunning blue eyes.

1. Siamese Cat Breed

This adorable breed is characterised by its darker face which contrasts with a generally white body. All of this is offset by gorgeous blue eyes.

2. Birman Cats

These gentle cats boast lovely, deep blue eyes and long, dense coats. The Himalayan cat is medium-sized, with a similar appearance and features to the Persian cat.


Balinese cats are known to be intelligent, friendly, and playful. This is a stylish and sleek breed with the same deep blue eyes of the Siamese.

4. Balinese Cat Breed

Developed from a mix of Siamese, Balinese and Colorpoint breeds, the Javanese is a blue-eyed cat breed. This intelligent cat breed love to learn tricks and new skills.

5. Javanese Cat Breed

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