British Shorthair Chinchilla | 13 Things to Know About BSH Kitties

The Discerning Cat

‘Chinchilla Shorthair Cat’ is a former name for tipped British Shorthair color varieties. These beautiful kitties received their color from their crossbreed with Persian Chinchilla cats and the classic smoke-colored British cats.

The Discerning Cat

These kitties are super unique. They have bright white coats with just the tips of each hair being colored, creating a shimmering effect as they walk.

The Discerning Cat

If you’re looking to find yourself a dazzling, adorable, green-eyed pussycat, British Shorthair (BSH) Chinchillas may just be the perfect kitty for you.

13 Things to Know About British Shorthair Chinchilla

The Chinchilla is one of the most ancient cat breeds to have originated in England. It’s believed these kitties descended from Roman cats and were brought to the British Isles by the Romans.

British Shorthair Chinchilla History

These kitties have broad shoulders, a deep chest, round paws, and a muscular back, giving them an almost chunky, ‘teddy-bear like appearance, often called a cobby.

Chinchilla British Short hair Appearance

The Chinchilla cat is a color classification of the Persian cat. Their undercoats are pure white, and their coats on their back, flanks, head, and tails are sufficiently tipped with black, giving it a sparkling silver appearance.

Silver Chinchilla’s Have Dazzling Coats

British Shorthair Chinchillas are intelligent, loyal, and loving cats. They are super friendly but tend to become a one-person cat.

Personality and Quirks

These kitties are very intelligent and are easy to train. They love learning new tricks and games. And unlike the Siamese cats, for example, these feline’s intelligence doesn’t manifest any problematic behavior.

These Kitties Are Easy to Train

Although these kitties will undoubtedly survive the outdoors, British Shorthair Chinchillas are better suited for the indoors. But, make sure they have lots of toys and activities to keep them entertained.

They Are Well Suited to be Indoor Kitties

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