Can You Catch a Cold From a Cat?

Busting the Myth

Autumn and winter are great times to snuggle up by the fire with your cat, drink warm beverages, and play in the snow. But the chilly temperatures bring the risk of catching a cold with them for both cats and their owners.

If you’re not used to a sick cat, it can be challenging to pinpoint what is wrong with your pet.

Outdoor cats are more likely to catch colds than indoor cats. This is because they’ll come in contact with other cats who sneeze and disperse the bacterial droplets.

No, you cannot catch a cold from your cat. They also cannot catch a cold from you. Humans and cats get the common cold from different viruses because the common cold virus tends to be species-specific.

Can You Catch a Cold From a Cat?

Any illnesses or sicknesses from an animal that can infect a human are called zoonotic diseases. These diseases may be viral infections, bacterial, or parasitic infections.

4 Diseases You Can Catch From a Cat

Cat scratch disease is a bacterial infection that humans can get from an infected cat carrying the Bartonella henselae bacteria. This disease can get transmitted through a scratch, a bite, or a cat licking a human’s open wound.

Cat Scratch Disease

This is probably not something cat owners would like to hear, but there are a few ways you can infect your cat. In the same way, you can catch diseases from your cat, your cat might also catch an illness from you.

3 Diseases Your Cat Can Catch From You

Vaccinate — The best way to protect your pet from any disease is to prevent the disease from forming. Ensure that you’re up to date with your pet’s vaccines and veterinary check-ups.

How to Prevent Getting Your Cat Sick

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