Can You Catch a Cold From a Cat?

Autumn and winter are great times to snuggle up by the fire with your cat, drink warm beverages, and play in the snow.

But the chilly temperatures bring the risk of catching a cold with them for both cats and their owners. It may be surprising to some, but cats can get colds.

This brings up the question, can you catch a cold from a cat? And, what other diseases and illnesses can you catch from your cat, or which ailments can you give your cat?

No, you cannot catch a cold from your cat. They also cannot catch a cold from you. Humans and cats get the common cold from different viruses because the common cold virus tends to be species-specific.

Can You Catch a Cold From a Cat?

Cats catch colds from species-specific viruses and bacteria, usually airborne or transferred from cat to cat through water or droplets. There are many respiratory viruses for humans, but the most common cold virus for us is the rhinovirus.

However, while you may not catch the sniffles from your feline friend, there are a few other illnesses or diseases you can catch from your cat.

While you cannot catch a cold from your cat, you may catch other illnesses and diseases from them. Similarly, your cat may also contract a few sicknesses from you.

There are a few ways to prevent this cross-infection. Try to do regular cat check-ups at home to check that your furry friend is still in top shape. If you feel that they may not be, do not hesitate to go for a vet check-up.

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