Can Your Cat Snack on Popcorn?

The Discerning Cat

When you’re sitting in front of the TV binging your Netflix favorites, there aren’t many snacks better than popcorn.

The Discerning Cat

They’re a classic food that’s been enjoyed for years by any and every person, most notably at the cinema.

The Discerning Cat

You’ll need to read this so you can find out if cats can eat popcorn and what possible consequences (or benefits) await.

Can Your Cat Snack on Popcorn?

In terms of life-threatening foods for cats, popcorn is in the clear as it isn’t toxic to felines. However, this mainly goes for plain popcorn and in situations where cats have eaten just a few of these treats.

Is Popcorn Safe for Cats?

If your cat munches on a large kernel and it gets stuck in their throat, you’ll need to act quickly. In this case, head straight to your veterinarian clinic, where you’ll receive professional help.

What to Do if Your Cat Chokes?

Popcorn is a choking hazard for felines because kernels come in many different sizes, ranging from small to large.

Other Health Concerns Associated with Popcorn

Unfortunately, no; the crunchy snack doesn’t offer any nutritional or health benefits to cats.

Do Cats Benefit From Popcorn?

You’ll use the same techniques you use to train them for things they aren’t supposed to do. The first is just telling them a firm “no” and not giving into your feline’s demands.

How To Get Your Cat to Stop Eating Popcorn

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