17 Cat Breeds That Don’t Shed or Shed Less

There are quite a few cat breeds that don’t shed.

So if you are looking to avoid cat fur, have allergies or just don’t like fur here are the cat breeds that don’t shed.

Cat Breeds that Don’t Shed or Shed Less than others

The Cornish Rex cat has a head shaped liked a triangle. As a result, its eyes and ears are prominent and large.

Cornish Rex

If it is raining or cold cats tend to sleep more. For outdoor cats, this will be because they can’t explore as extensively outside.

Devon Rex

Russian Blue cats have a short, dense coat. They generally only shed for a couple of weeks once or twice a year.

Russian Blue

The popular Siamese cat breed will shed minimally if you brush your kitty regularly. Siamese cats are one of the most adored and famous cat breeds.


Bengal cats are one of the newer cat breeds, a combination of the asian leopard cat and a US domestic cat. These affectionate cats are energetic and playful.


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