The Best Chew Toys For Your Beloved Cats

Keen to find the best cat chew toys for your kitty? Once you have a finicky feline in your house, you realize there’s a lot more to taking care of a kitten than many people think.

Of course, they need to be fed and loved and cleaned, but they also need stimulation in the form of toys.

This is why it’s a good idea to have a few chew toys laying around, and encouraging them to munch on these rather.

It’s lightweight and easy for your kitty to handle, and helps remove tartar and keep teeth healthy. It’s also fun to play with and made to be durable.

Petstages Fresh Breath Mint Stick

The netting is durable and helps remove plaque, and the catnip keeps them interested in the toy.

Petstages Plaque Away Pretzel

Chewing on this promotes fresher breath, healthier gums and teeth, and it’s fun. You can fill it with mint or catnip, and the size is perfect for your cat to hold and chew.

Segminismart Fillable Fish-Shaped Toothbrush

As well being as soft and cute as anything, this toy is filled with catnip and encourages dental health – so it’s a real winner.

Petstages Mesh Lil’ Avocato

This little cat-like soft toy is made from breathable fabric, which is bite-resistant and helps the catnip scent escape easier.

Legendog Natural Cat Toy

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