9 Cat Sleeping Positions When Sick

The Discerning Cat

Cats are famed for their love of napping, and getting enough beauty sleep is a top priority.

The Discerning Cat

A snoozing feline is undeniably adorable, but sometimes it could indicate a possible problem. So, it’s important for pet parents to understand common cat sleeping positions when sick.

The Discerning Cat

Cats lose the most heat through their footpads and ears. So felines often curl up as tightly as possible and tuck their ears and paws close to their bodies to keep warm.

Cat Curled Up in a Ball

This adorable position is known as splooting and helps to stretch the hip joints and ease muscle tension.

Cat Sleeping Flat on Stomach

If you have an affectionate cat that’s loving during the day and then sleeps on its back, it’s usually no concern. In fact, it may suggest that your cat feels secure and trusts you by leaving its paw pads and belly exposed.

Sleeping Flat on Their Back

Sick cats may sleep in this way due to eye-related problems, which can have other signs such as: - Redness - Swelling - Fluid

Cat Sleeping With One Eye Open

The fetal position can suggest that a cat is protecting the parts of its body that sustained an injury.

Cat Sleeping in Fetal Position

A cat lying stretched out on one side could indicate that it is having difficulty breathing or experiencing muscular pain.

Sleeping on Their Side

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