Cats and Golden Retrievers

11 Things to Know

When it comes to owning any dog, whether it’s a Golden Retriever or a Rottweiler, half of the concern comes with your kitty.

If you’re thinking of buying or adopting a Golden Retriever, considering how your cat will react is crucial.

So before inviting a new dog into your home or introducing a cat to the family, this guide will shed light on what you can expect.

As intuitive dogs, they know when to back off from an aggressive cat and can easily read the room if they’re in trouble.

Golden Retrievers and Cats Can Live in Harmony

Socialization is a perk; however, a cat might be a new experience for some dogs. When it comes to introductions, remember to be patient with your pets.

Give the Two Pets a Chance to Get to Know Each Other

A dog treat, chewing toys, and dog puzzles work well to distract your dog as your cat makes its way around the house, taking in all the new and exciting smells.

Have Plenty of Treats and Toys Around for New Introductions

I know it can be challenging when adopting a dog that may not have owners who you can speak to – but finding out as much information about the dog as possible is essential.

If You’re Adopting a Dog, It’s Best to Hear About the Dog’s History

If you have a cat but are dying to get a golden pup, be sure to keep your cat’s personality in mind.

Clue Yourself Up on the Characteristics of Your Cat’s Breed

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