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the 15 Most Popular Maine Coons

This discerning kitty is a family-friendly, chatty, and playful addition to any family. Of course, its varied Maine Coon colors and patterns are also a big draw.

The glorious Maine Coon is known for being a beautifully large semi-long haired cat with 80 coat color variations. I can talk for ages about the different patterns and colors you can find.

So, what are the most popular colors and patterns you can find in this loveable breed? Let’s look at how we classify these, and what you should look for in Maine Coon colors.

Shaded Color Shaded usually indicates a single solid color but with varying degrees of intensity in some sections of the body.

Common Maine Coon Color Patterns

This color variation sees the cat’s outer fur as a solid color. But when you move the fur aside, you may notice that hair closer to the skin (the undercoat) appears lighter.

Smoke Color

Black Coat A solid black is beautiful, many are, in fact, smoky blacks. Solid black Maine Coon cats are incredibly beautiful, complete with black noses and lips.

The Most Common Maine Coon Colors

While it would be absolutely beautiful to have a blue cat, “blue” in cats usually refers to a blue-gray sheen. More popular “blue” breeds include Russian Blues, British Shorthairs, and Chartreuxs.

Blue Coat

This color is easily found with patterns or without. The most popular coat color is the brown smokey variant with a white chest.

Brown Coat

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