Corgis and Cats: 15 Things You Need to Know

As a cat owner, you want to be sure that if you’re getting a dog, it is suited to your home situation, especially if you already have a furry feline.

Some breeds get along with cats better than others, it seems obvious to say. But in addition, much of whether a pet-friendly household works has to do with the environment being suited to them in the first place.

Let’s see how the beloved corgi gets along with cats.

The general consensus seems to be that dogs of a similar size to cats will be better pairings. Corgis fit this requirement perfectly, even if their personalities suggest they believe otherwise.

Corgis and Cats are Roughly the Same Size

Corgis are particularly prone to herding when they interact with animals smaller than themselves. In most cases, though, you won’t have this problem with cats.

Corgis May Unsuccessfully Try to Herd the Cat

Amusing as it sounds, a corgi may regard a small cat as a vermin-like pest. It’s another instinctual behavior that comes from the corgi’s history of being a working farm dog.

A Corgi May See a Cat as a Pest

Corgis are rambunctious and curious and pretty much feel they are the boss anyway. As a result, the two may come to friction around who is in whom’s space.

Corgi vs Cat Territory May be an Issue

If you are fortunate enough to have planned this properly, the best advice is to introduce both pets to the home together when they are young – a puppy and a kitten, respectively.

Making The Perfect Match

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