Do Cats Protect You While You Sleep?

The Discerning Cat

From snuggling on sleeping faces to curling up in the nook of arms, cuddly cats provide an extra blanket of comfort during sleep.

The Discerning Cat

While you might think your purring pal has strange sleeping habits, certain behaviors can be explained.

The Discerning Cat

As cats tend to sleep next to their owners as a sign of affection and comfort, it’s safe to consider that your feline friend will be protective of you when on a nightly guard.

4 Signs of a Protective Kitty in Bed

A little furry loaf on your chest might indicate that your cat seeks protection while they sleep.

Sleeping on top of you

If your cat seems to be staring at you, it could mean they are watching over you during one of your most vulnerable states.

If your cat prefers sleeping near the door, this could indicate that they are trying to guard their territory against potential threats.

Sleep at the Door

This position is the ultimate space to be protected and offer protection. If a cat lies between your legs, they receive safety from a human companion they trust.

Sleeping by the foot of the bed

If they get comfortable at the foot of the bed, cats receive an excellent vantage point to survey the area and escape quickly if needed.

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