European vs American Maine Coon: 5 Factors to Consider 

While there aren’t that many differences between the two, some key factors may sway you from one to the other.

Most of these differences lie in their appearance. So, if you’re big on that sort of thing, you’ll most likely need to figure out more about your kitty cat.

If you’re looking to learn more about their habits, quirks, or general Maine Coon personality traits, keep reading.


Unfortunately, some issues are hereditary and require a subtle hand in care and routine maintenance. The Maine Coon breed, European and American, are prone to hereditary heart conditions like hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

Dietary Requirements

As with most cats, you’ll have to check with your vet which food will work best for your favorite feline.

While American Maine Coons are bred in America, you may expect that a European Maine Coon would be bred in Europe. You’d be correct. This is their main difference.


It’s important to remember that the American Maine Coon and the European Maine Coon personality traits are rather similar.


These gentle giants are pretty much the same on every level except this one. The European Maine Coon is considered a little bit more raggedy than the American Maine Coon.


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