Everything You Need To Know About Skookum Cats

If you’re looking to get yourself an adorable, curly-whiskered-eyebrowed-haired, short little Skookum, there are some interesting things to know about them.

For starters, they aren’t your typical house bread cat; despite their stature, they’re super energetic and just simply full of love and cuddles.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at what there is to know about these cute little critters.

Skookum cats were developed from a cross between Munchkins and LaPerm cats to create a short-legged kitty with a curly coat.

Skookum Cat History

The Skookum name has Native American origins, deriving from jargon used by the Chinook tribe, meaning “mighty,” “brave,” or “powerful.”

Skookum Cat’s Name Origins

The Skookum kitty may inherit traits from both of its parent breeds. After all, they’re known to be lively and playful, intelligent, and curious.

Skookum Cat Temperament

Skookum Personality

These confident and calm kitties are athletic and make wonderful family pets, or for anyone searching for an active cat that enjoys a friendly lap snuggle.

Skookum Characteristics

They boast large, pointed ears atop their wedged-shaped heads. Moreover, they have medium-to-large, almond-shaped eyes.

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