Getting To Know The Siamese Cat:

The Discerning Cat

6 Personality Traits

They are very affectionate cats that love to chat with their owners, so if you get a Siamese, expect to have some long conversations.

The Discerning Cat

While not all Siamese cats behave the same, there are definite Siamese cat personality traits.

The Discerning Cat

So, if you want a Siamese as your next kitty, continue reading to find out about this breed’s heritage, personality traits, as well as taking care of these finicky felines.

Getting To Know The Siamese Cat

They are one of the few breeds that are sometimes likened to dogs due to their affectionate personalities.

They’re Affectionate Cats

Siamese are one of the most intelligent cat breeds.They’re curious cats that like to explore every inch of their home.

They’re Very Intelligent

While they may be loving and gentle to their owners, Siamese cats are very protective.

They’re Protective of Their Owners

Due to their affectionate tendencies, Siamese cats often become fixated on their owners, and they hate to be left alone.

They Display Needy Behavior

Siamese cats are not a good choice for those that want a quiet cat with a pleasant meow. These cats love to chat with their owners, and their voices are very distinct.

They’re Incredibly Talkative

Not known for being aggressive, Siamese cats are gentle and loving cats, making them perfect cats for families with children.

They’re a Gentle Breed

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