Ultimate Guide

to Gifts for Cats to Delight your Feline

The number one thing to think about before you make a purchase of presents for cats is safety.

Avoid toys that have small parts or pieces that can easily be chewed off by your cat. These are items that a cat may swallow.

No matter what you get your cat it will prefer the box or bag it came in.

Remember that your kitty has sharp teeth. Toys or items need to be tough to withstand falling apart.


Every cat is unique. Take into account your cat’s personal preferences as well as its age and lifestyle to help you in choosing the best cat gifts.


It’s a cliche because it’s true – the majority of cats love catnip! Catnip comes in many forms.Catnip also comes in spray and oil forms.

Catnip based Gifts

Teasers and Wands

A wand with something on the end – a toy, a feather etc – can allow your cat to “chase” after it.

How about a food maze for your cat? Combine fun and the hunt with treats at the end.

Cat Gifts based on Food

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