Tips for Going on a Road Trip With Your Cat

The Discerning Cat

When embarking on a trip of a lifetime, why leave your cat alone when you can bring your precious cargo along for a road trip with a cat?

The Discerning Cat

While you’ll be tempted simply set sail on your trip through winding roads, a game plan is essential to ensure no hitch in your wagon.

The Discerning Cat

Take a look at these key components to consider before going on your mobile adventure with your feline.

Tips for Going on a Road Trip With Your Cat

When riding on the road for 2-3 days with your long-tailed pet, booking accommodation on your travels is a good idea to get a few hours of shut-eye.

Book Pet-Friendly Accommodation

From distracting the driver to escaping when car windows are opened, free roaming is often only recommended if your cat is well behaved or you have a traveller sitting with them.

Ensure Safety Precautions

Much like a long-distance marathon, practice makes perfect when trying to get your cat comfortable with car rides.

Do a Few Test Drives

By discussing your pet’s health history and illnesses, you’ll be able to go into your trip with all the necessary information to help your cat travel comfortably and safely.

Talk to Your Vet About Health Conditions

When travelling long distances, it’s important to stop every few hours in case your kitty prefers eating, drinking, and going to the bathroom while the car isn’t moving.

Determine the Duration

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