How Long Do Cats Grow to Reach Full Size?

What Owners Should Know

If you’ve just gotten a kitten, you may be wondering, “how long do cats grow to reach their adult size?”

No matter the kind of cat breed, from Sphynx to Siamese, your feline friend is sure to grow as big as they possibly can.

Your cat hits similar developmental milestones to a human baby in its lifespan. However, if you’re wondering, “when do cats reach full size?” you might not find a definitive answer.

The average kitten weighs around 3.5 ounces at birth. They usually double in size during their first week, after which they’ll grow about an ounce approximately every three days.

Cat Growth Rate: Milestones for Growing Kittens

Kittens typically grow eight times their size in just about eight weeks.

How Fast Do Cats Grow: Kitten Growth Chart

Because kittens grow at such a rapid rate in their first few weeks, you’ll notice they eat quite a lot of food.

How Do Feeding Habits Change With a Cat’s Growth?

The right time to transition your cat from kitten to adult food starts around 10-12 months of age.

When Should I Feed My Kitten Adult Cat Food?

Some cats reach full size anywhere between 18 months to 4 years of age, so it’s hard to say at what age a cat is fully grown.

How Long Do Cats Grow For to Reach Full Size?

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