How to Keep  Cat’s Teeth Clean  Without Brushing

The Discerning Cat

Just as with humans, tooth decay, plaque, infections, and dental diseases are consequences of bad hygiene. Cats are prone to gingivitis, periodontitis, or tooth resorption.

The Discerning Cat

So, you’ve decided to care for your cat’s teeth but do not have the time (or patience) to brush their teeth every three days.

The Discerning Cat

These simple methods can help your cat remain healthy and somewhat fresh.

How to Keep Cat’s Teeth Clean Without Brushing

Dental diets are by far one of the easiest methods to maintain your cat’s dental health and prevent any plaque and tartar buildup.


While wet food options are usually an excellent fix for most cat parents, dry food does have some teeth-cleaning abilities.

Some of the treats are specifically designed for dental hygiene; they’re usually tasty and available in liver, chicken, beef, or salmon flavors.


These treats typically have a mixture of textures to ensure clean teeth and to massage gums.

Cat toys are also pretty useful when removing plaque and ensuring that old food has been removed from the crevices between your cat’s teeth.


Toothbrush toys like this catnip toy will allow your cat to play around, stimulate their senses, take away boredom and freshen their breath.

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