How to Look  after a Kitten:  Your Complete Guide

The Discerning Cat

When it comes to how to look after a kitten, attending to their needs early on will not only bond you for life but it’ll also make sure your kitten is both happy and healthy.

The Discerning Cat

There are plenty of things to consider when caring for your kitten. The experiences a kitten has during the first few months of their life will shape their future behavior.

The Discerning Cat

Raising a kitten is a unique and rewarding experience. But any new cat owner is bound to run into a few teething problems in the first few days.

How to Look After a Kitten: Raising Stage

 If you’re wondering how to look after a new kitten, here are the most important aspects: – Feeding – Grooming – Good hygiene – A safe and suitable environment – Socialization

Kittens: How to Look after your new Kitty

A critical part of looking after a kitten is taking care of its food. When you first bring your kitten home, it’s essential to keep them on the same kitten food that they’re used to.


When getting a kitten, exposing them to other people and vaccinated animals in your household is an integral part of caring for them. 


Regular grooming is a great way to get your kitten comfortable with being picked up and handled. While doing this, you can check their eyes, ears, nose, and other body parts.


This includes ensuring access to an appropriate litter tray, which should be placed in a safe, private location with minimal noise.

Good Hygiene

Before bringing them home, make sure that your environment is safe, spacious, and full of places for your kitty to rest and hideaway. 

Safe and Suitable Environment

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